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The “Versorgungswerk der Rechtsanwälte im Lande Nordrhein-Westfalen” (Versorgungswerk) is a law-based self-governing institution. As an occupational pension plan, the Versorgungswerk provides benefits in form of retirement, invalidity and survivors’ pensions as well as death allowances for its members upon application.

Compulsory membership in the Versorgungswerk is based upon membership in one of the bar associations in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Although the  Versorgungswerk is informed by the bar associations about the memberships, the members are in general obliged, on their part, to work on their first recording with the Versorgungswerk.

Apart from the option of voluntary continuation of membership, there is no other possibility of becoming a member of the Versorgungswerk

The legal foundations of the Versorgungswerk can be found in the Statute on Attorneys’ Pensions (Gesetz über die Rechtsanwaltsversorgung, RAVG NW) and in the Articles of Association of the Versorgungswerk. These documents are available as downloads (non-binding convenience translation):


Articles of Association (PDF, EN, non-binding convenience translation)

RAVG (PDF, EN, non-binding convenience translation)


In addition, it is always possible to use the contact form for all further questions. Enquiries can be made in English and German.